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LIMS - Laboratory Information Management System

Key Features
  • Option to define forms for result capturing process
  • Test results recording option with automated computation
  • Option to define SOPs for various tests
  • Option to define Batch Sheets for production
  • Option to capture instrument calibration and Volumetric solution details with alerts based on criteria
  • Publications e.g. results, reports, inspection certificates - Customizable
  • Integration with other systems( e.g. ERP for direct posting of RM quality inspection findings)
  • Archiving e.g. access authorizations, summarization, data
  • Retrieval of information e.g. tests done for product during period,
  • Dynamic user management to handle user related securities, roles and rights
  • Workflow based system integrated with dashboard for information, results and alert display for necessary action.
  • Dashboard displays based on user role, function and rights
  • Data security – user passwords would be stored in the encrypted form
  • Complete trace of changes made to critical master and other defined information to meet standards like CFR 21 part 11
  • Integration with Statistical tools like e.g. Minitab etc. for further analysis of the data – customizable